Compile Lighttpd with LibreSSL

As LibreSSL is gaining popularity you might want to switch your compiled Lighttpd version with one that uses LibreSSL for your https.

Tested on Debian Squeeze, but should work on Wheezy/Ubuntu in a similar way.


$ sudo apt-get install make gcc libev-dev libpcre3-dev zlib1g-dev libbz2-dev gamin libgamin-dev liblua5.1-0-dev
$ wget
$ tar xvfz libressl-2.0.5.tar.gz && tar xvfz lighttpd-1.4.35.tar.gz

Compile & Install LibreSSL

We are installing it in a non-standard path so it won't interfer with your existing openssl/libssl(-dev)

$ cd libressl-2.0.5
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/libressl
$ make
$ sudo make install

Verify the LibreSSL Installation

$ /opt/libressl/bin/openssl version
LibreSSL 2.0

Compile Lighttpd with LibreSSL

$ cd ../lighttpd-1.4.35
$ wget https://gist.github.com/lifeofguenter/7ef3fe9e089fcb24baed/raw/316108a350f69d622c17d0801cc429388cf36cef/lighttpd-libressl.patch
$ patch -p1 < lighttpd-libressl.patch
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

Verify the Lighttpd Installation

$ lighttpd -v
lighttpd/1.4.35 (ssl) - a light and fast webserver
Build-Date: Aug 11 2014 12:54:04

Please have a look at the following URLs for further Documentation on configuring Lighttpd + SSL:

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